Engine One Whiskey

honoring our firefighting traditions

Smoke Jumper Gin

tipping the hat to our wild land heroes

Fireboat Rum

saluting the brave firefighters working on water

Los Bomberos Agave Spirits

Saluting our friends from the great agave regions

Our Story

Firefighters solve problems, problems that most would not fathom to solve – usually involving life and death. They are trained to move confidently into chaos, make split second decisions, and separate the threatened from the threat. They are result based achievers, who join together as a team to do the unimaginable.  That team mentality, doesn’t just exist during a crisis. Which is why, it was no surprise that when two people like-minded people shared an office while recovering from injuries, they began to lay the foundation for more. More ways to help, to serve and to enjoy this one precious life we are given.

A conflagration fire is all consuming.  A force of nature that forces you to stop and realize the power of life.  Conflagration Distilling Company is named for that all-consuming crucible of nature.  Two firefighters agreed to honor old distilling traditions with some modern influence to bring fine small batch whiskey, rum, gin and agave spirits to the community.  Taking our oath to serve a little further than our profession requires, we encourage you to enjoy, celebrate or honor friends and memories with our spirits responsibly.

Fireboat Rum

Unaged (white), one and two year aged product.

Los Bomberos Agave Spirits

Unaged (white), one year and two-year aged products.

Smoke Jumper Gin

Featuring the diverse native botanicals of the Rocky Mountain Region..

Engine One Whiskey

Unaged (white), one and two-year aged product.

Find Our Spirits

We are currently maturing our first batches of rum and agave spirits.  When they are ready to be enjoyed we will announce it here.

To see what’s happening behind the scenes as our inaugural batches come to fruition or be the first to know when you can buy your own tasting . . .

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